Sprint Will Lease Loyal Customers An iPhone 6 For $5/Month



While other carriers are looking to eliminate phone subsidies, Sprint has an interesting plan for people who like to upgrade their handsets annually: the “iPhone for Life” program lets you lease a phone instead of purchasing or financing one. Now, the carrier is rewarding loyal customers who have stuck with the carrier through its years of spotty coverage and slow data speeds.

Yes, while most promotions like this are aimed at drawing in new customers, Sprint just wants the customers that it already has to stop fleeing to other carriers. The discount will be in the form of a $15 off “Loyalty Service Credit” on customers’ bills, canceling out most of the cost of leasing the phone. The company says that this credit will continue for as long as the customer keeps the lease, and the program guarantees the right to lease a new device every two years, turning the phone over at the end of the lease.

Sprint to existing customers: Lease an iPhone 6 for $5 a month [CNET]

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