Man Eschews Comment Cards, Flushes Nails Down The Toilets At Subway & Starbucks

There’s leaving a comment card to express any dissatisfaction for a retail establishment, and then there’s flushing several pounds of nails down to the toilet to let a restaurant know you are ticked off. Let’s think about which one will get the police on your tail.

Ding, ding — it’s the latter: Police in Minneapolis say a 38-year-old man went around town flushing hardware down the toilets at several local businesses, causing thousands of dollars of damage, reports CBS Minnesota.

Police say the manager of a local Subway called them to report that someone had shoved a few pounds of nails in the toilet, for the third time since early August. It’d cost $1,000 to remove the nails and fix the plumbing already. He had the suspect on video, he said, and gave photos to the police.

It wasn’t long before police were called back to the restaurant, after the suspect had come back yet again. He was identified but denied being the nail dumper.

A transit station a block away was also the victim of the nail treatment, causing $800 in damage, and a local Starbucks also reported a bit by The Toilet Nailer at the end of September. In that case, the toilet was backed up for three days and flooded the floors, prompting the Starbucks to close temporarily.

Employees fingered the suspect, who returned the next day and was arrested by police. This, after officers claimed to have heard metallic objects hitting a hard surface while the suspect was in the bathroom, along with the whoosh of a flushing toilet.

Upon arrest, police found a bunch of silver nails and a receipt from Home Depot, nails that matched those retrieved from Starbucks’ plumbing already.

He’s been charged with first-degree criminal damage to property and failure to use a comment card like a good consumer.

Charges: Man Flushed Pounds Of Nails Down Toilets At Various Businesses [CBS Minnesota]

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