Subway Worker Accused Of Filming Women In The Restroom

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A Subway employee in Seattle is facing charges of voyeurism and possession of child pornography after allegedly filming women in the restaurant’s bathroom without their knowledge.

According to prosecutors, the incident occurred last year when the employee was 20 years old, reports The manager said he was cleaning the women’s restroom one day when he saw a bunch of paper towels scattered on the floor. He went to sweep up the pile, and found a phone that was in the process of recording.

He played the clip, and only saw a pair of khaki pants and black shoes. When he told other employees about the phone, the suspect allegedly grew increasingly nervous and told the manager to hand over the phone.

That’s when the manager realized that the worker was wearing khaki pants and black shoes, just like the person he saw in the phone’s footage.

“It’s you,” the manager told the worker, prompting the suspect to start repeatedly apologizing. The manager fired him and kept his phone. According to reports, the suspect had seemed eager to volunteer to clean the restroom in the past.

Police took custody of the phone, and had a conversation with the suspect the next day. The worker said he “made a mistake” and that “he had seen something similar on the internet and just tried it at Subway,” but didn’t specify what he meant.

According to court documents, there was a video on the phone showing at least three women using the toilet. Further investigation by police uncovered images featuring a minor in sexual positions or engaging in sexual conduct.

This is far from the first time we’ve heard of folks allegedly filming customers surreptitiously at their place of business:

• In 2015, the co-owner of a Maryland restaurant was accused of creeping on women with a camera hidden in the bathroom;

• A Foot Locker employee in New York City admitted to filming women using the restroom in 2014;

• Also in 2014, there was the man who said he’d hidden cameras in ladies’ restroom stalls at multiple Texas restaurants;

• And then there was the taco restaurant cook in Chicago who was accused of filming the ladies’ room with — you guessed it! — a hidden camera phone in 2013.

Charges: North Bend Subway worker caught filming in women’s restroom []

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