Guy Ruins It For Everyone Else By Panning For Gold For 18 Months To Make Fiancee’s Wedding Ring

Hear that sound? It’s the clink of the bar being set incredibly high for the rest of us folks, after a very dedicated fellow spent 18 months panning for gold in the Scottish mountains, all so he could make his fiancée a wedding ring.

He collected thousands of teeny tiny bits of gold until he had enough to hand over to a jeweler for forging, reports the Daily Mail.

“It was a labour of love,” the 48-year-old said. “It was an amazing feeling to put the ring on her finger. I was really overwhelmed.”

While he didn’t go panning every day of that 18 months, he says he probably spent about 20 full days gathering gold, calling it somewhat of a “gold fever.”

And this Scottish gold is particularly special, as you can’t buy it on the regular market.

“In its natural form Scottish gold has a purity of approximately 22+ carats (pure gold being 24 carats) and a significantly greater value than the gold market value thanks to its rarity,” he explains.

This isn’t the first time’s pulled such a ridiculously sweet trick — he also proposed to his fiancee with an engagement ring cast from gold he’d panned himself.

“I feel very proud of John, and very lucky,” she says, adding that while she went on one panning trip and found a tiny bit, it was all him. “The ring is very unique and very special.”

Romantic boyfriend spends 18 months panning for GOLD in the Scottish mountains to make a unique engagement ring for his bride-to-be [The Daily Mail]

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