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kyler kwock

Kay Jewelers Ramps Up Promotions After Gem-Swapping Accusations

You may have heard about the recent accusations of gem-swapping at Kay Jewelers. Customers accused the chain of switching out the diamonds in their jewelry for lower-grade diamonds or human-made stones that aren’t diamonds. The news stories launched more accusations on social media, and far too many “Every [blank] begins with Kay” jokes. Now the CEO of Kay’s parent company is speaking out, and holding promotions to get sales up. [More]

kyler kwock

Kay Jewelers Parent Company Denies Allegations Of Systematic Gemstone Switcharoos

Kay Jewelers wants everyone to know something after a particularly damning report yesterday in an influential tip sheet for investors: the company says that it is not systematically and intentionally swapping stones out when customers bring in diamond jewelry for repairs. Instead, the company says that the “allegations on social media” have been “republished and grossly amplified.” [More]

kyler kwock

More Customers Say Kay Jewelers Swapped Out Their Diamonds For Fake Or Worse Ones

At Kay Jewelers, a popular mall chain and part of global mediocre jewelry corporate Voltron Signet Jewelers, owners of expensive diamond or gemstone jewelry can get a lifetime diamond or color gemstone guarantee, as long as they bring their jewelry for inspection every six months. Yet some brides who have tried to invoke the guarantee say that their stones were switched out during repairs, when they were in Kay’s possession. [More]


Brides Claim Kay Jewelers Lost Or Ruined Their Engagement Rings

For many brides and brides-to-be, an engagement ring isn’t just a flashy new piece of jewelry, it’s a physical reminder of a pretty huge life event. So it’s no surprise that some customers of Kay Jewelers were pretty upset when their rings disappeared, came back damaged, or were replaced with sub-par jewelry. [More]