McDonald’s Won’t Serve Pedestrian At Drive-Thru, So He Steals Customer’s Car

mcdonaldscarjackFor many of us, that brief time between placing your order at the fast food drive-thru and waiting for your food is a couple minutes to do a whole lot of nothing; maybe get your wallet out, change the radio station, check your makeup in the rearview mirror. One thing you’re probably not expecting is to be carjacked.

But that’s what happened to an Oklahoma City woman shortly after midnight on Tuesday, when a strange man approached her car idling outside the McDonald’s, telling her to get out of the car.

“We told her her total, and all of a sudden, we just hear her yelling,” one worker at the fast food franchise tells KFOR-TV. “And we see the guy on the camera take her out of the car and get in.”

Employees also told KFOR that this same man had earlier tried to place a walk-up order in the drive-thru lane but had been turned away for lack of a vehicle.

The woman, who had borrowed the car from a friend, reportedly put up a struggle but her assailant was eventually able to yank her out of the car and throw her to the ground before speeding off.

Employees say they could hear the victim hollering, “Call the police! He just stole my car! He just took it!”

The driver didn’t get very far, and when police caught up to him he crashed the car he’d been so eager to steal.

“He had hit a curb and then a couple of trees, and when the car came to rest, he jumped out,” the police tell KTOK radio. “There was a minor use of force by officers. He was not wanting to go peacefully, but he was taken into custody.”

He was arrested and charged with robbery, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and attempting to elude an officer.

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