Someone Made Craft Beer Jelly Because That Is Clearly What Peanut Butter Has Been Missing

How often do you eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a frosty pint of craft beer? Not that often, probably. But that doesn’t mean peanut butter isn’t bummed to be missing out on enjoying a cold one while it’s in that sandwich. Rejoice, then, peanut butter: Someone in Vermont has started making craft beer jelly.

While I’m pretty sure beer and peanut butter would be a weird combination (great, now I’ll have to try that), the spread is still an intriguing idea for say, cheese and charcuterie, says Nancy Warner, the founder of artisanal food purveyor Potlicker Kitchen.

She tells Fox News that the beer jellies — in flavors using oatmeal stout, Hefeweizen and IPA, for example — are made with all locally brewed beers, and were the product of necessity when she ran out of fruit.

“It was the middle of winter in Vermont and I had developed a serious canning addiction,” she tells Fox News. “After jamming all the fruit in my house I began to make jelly out of wine, which is an old technique. But I really liked the taste of beer so I developed a recipe that used only beer.”

Jelly is used with fruit juices, unlike jam, which is made with crushed fruit. So she simply substitutes “adult juice” in the recipe where grape or apple would usually be added.

There will be no tipsy after-effects from indulging in the beer jelly, however — each one has less than 0.5% alcohol, as the rest gets cooked out during the jelly-making process.

Sorry, peanut butter. No buzz for you, into the sandwich you go, while I ponder the High Life in my fridge and whether or not it wants to be jelly. Probably not. Probably not.

The taste of craft beer is now in a jelly [Potlicker Kitchen]

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