KFC Workers Attacked By Cake-Wielding Maniac

Angry fast food customers are choosing to go after employees at Yum! Brands restaurant chains with some bizarre weapons. First there was the Taco Bell worker who took a hot sauce-laced soda to the face and now comes a report of a KFC that had to call the police on a cake-thrower.

More precisely, according to the Seattle Times, the alleged assailant employed the restaurant chain’s own lemon cake against store employees.

The Seattle PD report that a dispatcher alerted officers that an “Unknown male was throwing cake at employees,” and more importantly, that the KFC “can no longer sell the cake.”

(Side note: Who knew that KFC had lemon cake?)

The incident happened over the weekend, when workers at the store say a man entered the restaurant and began tossing the cake around.

We couldn’t find a picture of the cake in question on the KFC website, but thankfully, the officer who responded to this call got the relevant details.

“The cake was described as a lemon cake, yellow in color and circular and costs exactly $5.19,” reads the police report.

At least now we know what the cake looks like, in case we run into it in a dark alley late at night.

Inside sources at KFC tell Consumerist that the cake is 300 calories per 85g serving, with 120 of those calories coming from fat.