Hot Sauce-Filled Soda Is Weapon Of Choice For One Taco Bell Customer

We’re pretty sure that throwing any beverage at a Taco Bell employee will get you booted and banned from the store. But since you’re at Taco Bell, why not include some hot sauce in the beverage bomb you toss in the Bell staffer’s face?

Police in the town of Niceville, FL, were called to a Taco Bell restaurant last week after a customer tossed the hot sauce-infused soda in the face of a Taco Bell employee, reports [via Jezebel].

According to the report, the suspect and the victim were both juveniles, which would explain the juvenile behavior.

What’s not explained is whether or not the customer put the hot sauce in the soda herself, and if so, whether she added the sauce for flavoring or to add some sting to it before she threw it at the fast food worker.

It’s also possible that someone at that the Bell put the hot sauce in her drink, which could explain why she’d be so angry to begin with. We may never know, especially since the employee has decided to not pursue charges against the soda-tosser.

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