Got $250? You Could Be Guzzling Surge On Friday

Image courtesy of Get your daily recommended dose of carbos. And caffeine.

“I really hope we don’t see [cases] being flipped for $200 on eBay,” I mused in the comments of our post on the resurgence of Coca-Cola’s high-caffeine, carbo-loaded high-caffeine citrus soft drink from the ’90s, Surge. I don’t know what I was thinking. Now that cases of Surge have shipped out, early buyers are ready to flip their cases instead of guzzling them.

While it’s refreshing to see Millennial entrepreneurs doing their thing, it will be interesting to see whether anyone’s thirst for Surge turns out to be worth a $230 markup. Before this third-party listing, we believe the next shipment of official Surge on Amazon was due on September 26.


eBay is also available to feed your rush if you feel so inclined, and the site’s auction format gives us a better gauge of the market. Let’s see how that’s working out.

surge ebay

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