Surge Is Back On Retail Store Shelves (In Some States)

surgemapAlmost a year ago, the dreams of many fans of caffeine and carbos came true when Coca-Cola brought back the green soft drink called “Surge,” which had been discontinued in 2003. Coke made the stuff available only on Amazon, and only for a limited time, but maybe they got the hint when the initial batch sold out within a few hours.

Coke, perhaps eager for an opportunity to get Americans, especially young adults, guzzling soda again, decided to bring back Surge on a more permanent basis in physical stores. They have a Facebook page with more than 220,000 fans dedicated to the beverage to thank for its return to stores, though fan sites pleading for the return of Surge went up almost as soon as it went off the market in 2003.

You can allegedly find stores where it’s available near you, or will be, on Coke’s official site, though I can’t get the site to work this morning.

In a profile of the 26-year-old fan who almost inadvertently brought back Surge, the Grand Forks Herald notes that this is the first time that Coca-Cola has ever brought back a discontinued product.

Remember ’90s soda Surge? Meet the Fargo man who helped bring it back [Grand Forks Herald]

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