Dallas Bar Owner Won’t Show NFL Games In Protest Of League’s Domestic Violence Policy

Like a unicorn kissing noses with a flying dragon, a bar in Texas that refuses to show football was, until this point, a fantastical thing that we never thought could become reality. But one Dallas bar owner is willing to risk out on all that football money to protest the NFL’s stance on domestic violence. He says he won’t show any NFL games this season until something changes in the league.

As the discussion in the media and among fans over domestic violence continues — with the Minnesota Vikings reversing its earlier decision to bench Adrian Peterson this Sunday, amid allegations of child abuse — the bar owner posted his decision on Facebook on Monday, reports CBS DFW:

Good Evening Folks, Running a bar in Texas is not the easiest thing in the world, especially when it comes to football, so I hope you will all take the stand with me, as of today, we will no longer show ANY NFL games until the league changes it’s domestic abuse policies. It has gotten to the point where money is more important than women’s and children’s health and life are concerned, this is unacceptable in the world that I want to live in. Please join me in my small attempt to stop adding fuel to the fire and money to their coffers. #takeastand #NFL #nomoresbuse

He says he’s not trying to make a statement, but instead is “just a guy that’s doing what he believes in,” he tells CBS Dallas.

But in the land of football, where football is THE thing to do and to talk about, he realizes he could lose out on some big bucks with this decision.

“Whenever you tell someone you’re not going to be able to watch football in Texas in a bar, you’ll take a hit. We’ll take whatever we take,” he says.

Dallas Bar Bans NFL To Protest League’s Domestic Abuse Stance [CBS DFW]

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