Little Caesars Makes Pizzas Out Of Giant Flat Pretzels

Little-Caesars-pretzel-pizzaWhile chain pizzeria competitor Pizza Hut stuffs pizza crusts with anything they can think of, Little Caesars keeps it simple. Their gimmick is having “Hot-N-Ready” pizzas with basic toppings ready to go at low prices during dinner hours, so getting a pizza requires no advance thought. Now they’re joining both the Exotic Pizza Wars and the fast-food pretzel bun trend with a burger on a giant pretzel.

It was only last year that the chain added deep dish pizza to the menu, which has apparently led the company to change things up further. What goes on a pretzel pizza? The stock version, which will be available for $6 as a Hot-N-Ready option, has a cheddar-based sauce and a blend of six other cheeses melted on top of that. (If you can prefer, you can call ahead and get a tomato-based sauce on your pretzel crust instead.) Businessweek reports that early versions in the test kitchen had a mustard-based sauce under the cheese, a terrifying prospect.

Little Caesars’ Pretzel Pizza Is Unusual on Two Levels [Businessweek]

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