There’s A GoPro For Dogs, But We Really Want To Know What The Sneaky Cat Is Up To

GoPro Fetch takes dog owners on a canine adventure from their best friend's point of view.

GoPro Fetch takes dog owners on a canine adventure from their best friend’s point-of-view.

The makers of GoPro, the portable camera consumers can use to capture their every adventure, have ventured into the world of the unknown: a dog’s exploits.

The canine-specific product, called GoPro Fetch, aims to provide an inside look at just what man’s best friend does when man isn’t around, Business Insider reports.

GoPro Fetch comes with a dog harness, a camera tether and the software to set up the new product with any model of GoPro camera. The kit doesn’t actually come with the camera; that’s something you have to buy separately.

Officials with the company say the device can be mounted either on the dog’s back or hanging from its chest for a variety of views including running, jumping, playing catch and terrorizing the cat – you know, whatever the pooch does in his/her spare time.

The harness, which fits all sizes of dogs from 15 to 120 pounds, is reportedly comfortable (we have yet to hear from any actual dogs on their thoughts) and won’t prevent any dog-like activities.

Unfortunately, it looks like the animal-themed GoPro is only targeted to dogs. Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, but I’d be much more interested in a GoPro for cats.

They might not be as adventurous as their canine-brethren, but cats are sneaky and calculating, so it would probably do a lot of good to watch their every move and make sure they aren’t planning some kind of hostile takeover.

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