Pizza Hut Makes 7-Cheese Flower-Shaped Pizza In Hong Kong

pizza-hut-hong-kong-flower-shaped-cheesy-7-pizzaPizza Hut keeps pushing the envelope (or is it pushing the large flat cardboard box?) when it comes to crusts, introducing a 3-cheese crust here in the United States, and inflicting sunflower-shaped bacon cheeseburger-pizza hybrids on overseas markets. Yet no matter how much we make fun of them, The Hut continues to innovate. Like the seven-cheese stuffed-crust pizza now available in Hong Kong.

It’s called the Cheesy 7 Sensation Pizza, because you will feel the cheesy sensation of indigestion when you eat it. In addition to a mind-boggling array of cheeses, the pizzas feature fancy toppings arranged decoratively. there are two versions of the pizza: the Pineapple & Pastrami Pork version has pepperoni, pastrami, pineapple, olives, and tomato sauce.

The Crayfish & Scallop version has crayfish, baby scallops, cucumbers, peaches, olives, and lobster sauce. That sounds like a discarded shopping list that you’d find wadded up at the bottom of your basket at the grocery store, not the topping content of one pizza.

What are those seven cheeses on the pizza? Mozzarella, parmesan, provolone, Monterey Jack, Romano, cheddar, and cream cheese.

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