Man Wins $10M Florida Lottery Jackpot With Numbers He Got From A Fortune Cookie

Usually, the most you can expect from a fortune cookies is a good chuckle over an odd saying or a statement of facts –“Your shoes will make you happy today” or “People are naturally attracted to you” — but once in a while, those little messages are literally worth a fortune. In yet another instance of someone getting lucky from a Chinese restaurant treat, a Florida man scored a $10 million lottery jackpot by playing the numbers on a fortune cookie message.

The 66-year-old man was the lone jackpot winner in a recent drawing, and is now $7 million richer after going for the one-time, lump-sum payment option, reports the Orlando Sun Sentinel.

He didn’t decide to pick fortune cookie numbers on a whim, however, as he says he regularly plays five sets of numbers from fortune cookies he picked up from a restaurant in North Carolina.

And though it might seem like the odds of this happening even once are slim to none, just last year we heard of not one, but two lucky lottery players cashing in big with numbers played from fortune cookies.

Boca man’s fortune cookie good for $10M Lotto prize [Orlando Sun Sentinel]

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