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Health Officials: Three People Contracted Measles From Contagious Restaurant Worker In Las Vegas

Disneyland isn’t the only place dealing with measles outbreaks these days, as health officials in Nevada say they believe three new cases of the disease have been linked back to a Las Vegas restaurant worker who was contagious while on the job. [More]

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Slot Machine’s 20-Year Reign Of Stinginess Ends After Player Hits $2.4M Jackpot

For the last two decades, one slot machine in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has been the darling of players, with someone reportedly giving it a whirl every five seconds. But it’s never coughed up the big jackpot in all its years… until now. [More]

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MGM Grand In Legal Fight With Michigan Over “Virtual Beer Pitchers”

If you’re splitting a pitcher of beer between pals and you’re all imbibing at a decent enough rate, the beer in said pitcher will stay reasonably fresh. But how about a device that lets you buy a pitcher’s worth of beer, but only pours it out when you want more to drink? The folks at the MGM Grand Detroit think it’s a pretty cool idea. Unfortunately, the state of Michigan seems to think it would violate the state’s ban on alcohol vending machines. [More]

MGM Grand No Longer Charging $20/Night To Get A Non-Smoking Room

MGM Grand No Longer Charging $20/Night To Get A Non-Smoking Room

A couple weeks ago, we told you about how the MGM Grand Las Vegas had begun charging $20 per night to guarantee non-smoking rooms to guests. That didn’t go over well with the general public and now the resort tells Consumerist that it’s rescinded the policy. [More]

Would You Pay $20/Night To Guarantee A Non-Smoking Room?

Would You Pay $20/Night To Guarantee A Non-Smoking Room?

You can almost imagine the moment when some executive at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas was walking by the check-in counter and heard an employee ask a guest, “Will that be smoking or non-smoking?” And in that moment, yet another idea for a tack-on fee was born. [More]