Movie Theater In California Closed Until Tomorrow Due To Alleged Bed Bugs

lodi12It’s been a long time since we’ve heard any reports of bedbugs munching on people while the people munch on popcorn in a movie theater. Almost exactly four years, to be exact. A movie theater in a rural area of California will stay closed until Thursday after extensive de-bugging began over the weekend. However, the theater won’t confirm whether the mysterious insect infestation is bedbugs.

What the pest control company that’s inspecting and potentially treating the theater could tell local reporters was that bedbugs are infesting dorms and homes in the area, so they are potentially hopping around on people and bedding.

“I was itching a little in the theater, and my daughter later pointed out to me that I had a few bumps on my back,” one moviegoer told TV station WTVR. “I woke up the next morning with a rash all over my body. My daughter had bumps on her legs and arms.”

In a statement, theater management said that the business closed to the public in response to similar complaints from customers, and an inspection turned up “limited evidence of insect activity in a few auditoriums.” They plan to reopen tomorrow if current extermination efforts are effective.

Bed bug complaint closes Lodi theater for second day [WTVR]
After Bed Bug Complaints, Lodi Theater Closed Until Thursday To Eliminate ‘Insect’ Problem [CBS Sacramento]

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