Bedbugs Use People As Popcorn At NYC Theater

When you’re trying to enjoy a movie, getting munched on by tiny, parasitic insects ranks right up there with suffering through Stephen Sommers’ filmmaking skills in terms of dampening the experience.

Bedbugs beleaguered a moviegoer at a New York’s AMC Empire 25 theater. She told Gothamist she was covered in bedbug bites half an hour into a show.

“The staff at the customer service desk confirmed that the theater has known of the infestation for days and that it will not be fumigated until (today),” the woman told Gothamist.

Staffers offered the customer a refund and concessions coupons.

New York City is currently experiencing a rather epic infestation of bed bugs. They’ve been found at several stores and even on subway benches. Bleeech.

Bedbugs Love AMC Empire 25, Hate Republicans [Gothamist via Hollywood-Elsewhere]

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