Chain Storefronts With Slight Makeovers Continue To Not Fool Anybody

Image courtesy of (Ben Schumin)

Last year, we lamented the long hiatus of one of our favorite sites, Not Fooling Anybody, which featured makeovers of former chain storefronts that were, as the name states, not fooling anybody. What we didn’t know was that the site has been revived, in the form of a community on Reddit. Let the yellow-painted Pizza Huts roll!

We love tweaks to the American chainscape, so here are some of our favorite recent submissions to the subreddit.

This former Blockbuster Video can’t rent you any new releases, but they can help you achieve the latest hairstyles. Maybe.

(alexandrsalamandr -Reddit)

(alexandrsalamandr – Reddit)

This Subway that started out as an old-school KFC would look a lot better with a cupola. It could have a sandwich-shaped weathervane on top.

The windows make this a very recognizable former Taco Bell. Taco Bucks? Star Bell? It’s beautiful, anyway.

This former Burger King is actually quite lovely.

(KrispyKayak - Reddit)

(KrispyKayak – Reddit)

It even retained its square roadside sign with rounded corners.


(KrispyKayak – Reddit)

Happy Jack’s Biscuits and Gravy has lost its trapezoidal windows and signature roof hump, but everyone still knows that it used to be a Pizza Hut.

(KrispyKayak - Reddit)

(KrispyKayak – Reddit)

It’s hard to disguise a former Circuit City without extensive renovations.


(Reddit – iamactuallyalion)

Really, really hard. Even if you put up a nice sign.

(Reddit - ltcarter47)

(Reddit – ltcarter47)

This Five Guys in a former Pizza Hut is an American treasure. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

NotFoolingAnybody [Reddit]

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