I Need To Find The Motorcycle Powered By Bacon Grease And Drive Behind It Forever

I’ve got a problem. Well, two problems, really. The first one being that I don’t know where a motorcycle powered by bacon grease currently is, and two I don’t have a vehicle to chase it down in order to drive behind it forever and ever. Because clearly a life on the road would be worth it to smell bacon always, right?

In what is clearly a delicious marketing ploy, savory, but a stunt nonetheless, Hormel has sponsored a motorcycle running on organic biodiesel made from refined bacon grease, reports MinnPost.com. It’s been on the road for about a week now, but this is the first we’ve sniffed of it.

And according to my stomach, this sounds like torture. Mouthwatering, delectable torture.

The bike hit the road with the International Bacon Film Festival in San Diego on Aug. 29 as its destination, while at the same time making a movie of its travels for that very occasion. A crew of 12 will film a bit called “Driven By Bacon” and show it at the festival.

Hormel is using our noses to market its Black Label Bacon Brand and will probably use the bacon bike in the future as well. So keep your noses open, people.

‘Pork torque’! Hormel makes motorcycle that runs on bacon grease [MinnPost]

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