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Uber Can Only Use Livery Drivers In Moscow, Motorcycles Confiscated In Bangalore

Ride-hailing app Uber wants to provide transportation services around the world, but taxi service laws are very local, forcing them to fight city by city for each of their services to exist legally. In Moscow and Bangalore this week, cities were able to limit the service’s growth, including confiscating drivers’ motorcycles in India. [More]

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BMW Recalls 49K Motorcycles Because You Need Both Wheels To Stay Attached

Most motorcycles come with just two wheels and those components are crucial to the operation of the bike. That’s why BMW recalled 49,000 motorcycles in the U.S. and Canada. [More]

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Harley-Davidson Recalls All 2014 Touring Bikes, Including Trikes And Custom Designs

By now we’re used to vehicle recalls reaching into the hundred thousands, but this one is a bit different. Harley-Davidson is calling back nearly 126,000 motorcycles because a problem with the clutch could lead to crashes. [More]

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I Need To Find The Motorcycle Powered By Bacon Grease And Drive Behind It Forever

I’ve got a problem. Well, two problems, really. The first one being that I don’t know where a motorcycle powered by bacon grease currently is, and two I don’t have a vehicle to chase it down in order to drive behind it forever and ever. Because clearly a life on the road would be worth it to smell bacon always, right? [More]


Can A Harley Be A Harley Without All The Noise? Company Introduces Its First Electric Motorcycle

Growing up in the home of the Harley-Davidson, none other than Milwaukee, WI, I can conjure up the sound of a Harley’s engine just by closing my eyes. Such a skill could be handy for anyone longing to hear that distinctive rumble when faced with the company’s first electric motorcycle, just introduced today. [More]


It’s Not Your Bladder’s Fault If You Get A Speeding Ticket For Going 140 MPH

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go. But just because the laws of space and time won’t bend to your will to get you to the bathroom in the blink of an eye, you can’t disregard the laws of The Man and drive at 140 mph to ease your full bladder. That’ll earn you a tidy speeding ticket.

Hells Angels Sue L.A. T-Shirt Maker For Copyright Infringement

Hells Angels Sue L.A. T-Shirt Maker For Copyright Infringement

It seems the Hells Angels aren’t cool with the idea of an L.A. fashion boutique slapping its name on a t-shirt. The notorious motorcycle club is suing the designer and several online retailers for copyright infringement. The shirt in question bears the message: “My boyfriend’s a Hells Angel.” [More]

Kansas Lawmakers Consider Letting Motorcyclists Run Red Lights

Kansas Lawmakers Consider Letting Motorcyclists Run Red Lights

Citing stoplights that run on sensors incapable of detecting diminutive vehicles, the Kansas House of Representatives passed a bill that will allow motorcyclists and riders of scooters and bicycles to legally run “dead reds.” Missouri has a similar law on the books. [More]

Can You Save Money By Motorcycle Commuting? Not Really

Can You Save Money By Motorcycle Commuting? Not Really

Sure, switching to a motorcycle or scooter for your highway commute might seem like a good idea, especially if you want to save gasoline and fantasize about gridlock-defying, illegal traffic maneuvers. But while motorcycle commuting has some good points, it probably isn’t going to save you much money over commuting by car.

Best Buy To Sell Electric Motorcycles

Best Buy To Sell Electric Motorcycles

Have you ever wished that you could combine the competent, organized staff of your local Best Buy with the gentle, no-pressure sales environment of a vehicle showroom? You’re in luck! Best Buy is now selling motorcycles. Motorcycles?


Spring is coming! Consumer Reports tests scooters and motorcycles for the first time since 1981. [Consumer Reports]