Frozen Pizza With Cookie Layer Is What Pizza Hut Only Aspires To

cookiezzaSure, Pizza Hut thinks it’s being all revolutionary with its cookie pizzas, and infinite variations on stuffed crusts but the chain isn’t taking things nearly far enough. Have they tried putting an entire cookie pizza layer on top of a pizza? They have not. Yet. One brave man, Michael J. Hudson, has tried such a feat. The result looks horrifying. And amazing. And horrifying.

The inspiration for this pizza came from the pre-packaged DiGiorno frozen pizza including frozen chocolate chip cookies, but Michael went even further and used a separate tube of Toll House brand cookie dough. (When the pizza-and-cookies combo pack debuted, Consumerist called it a “watershed moment in American obesity,” an assessment that we stand by.)

I am a person with an unhealthy love of both pizza and cookies, but this actually turned my stomach. Proceed at your own risk.

Here’s how it all began: two packages of frozen food, a man, an oven, and a dream.

cookie pizza

The waiting dough. ( michael ‏@michaeljhudson )

( michael ‏@michaeljhudson )

Nicely browned and apparently edible. ( michael ‏@michaeljhudson )

I am going to barf. ( michael ‏@michaeljhudson )

One Brave Man’s Dream Was To Put Cookie Dough On A Pizza And He Did It [Buzzfeed Food] (via Foodbeast)

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