Bakery Robbers Demand Cash, Get 2 Doughnuts Instead

Early this morning, a pair of would-be bakery robbers walked into a bakery and demanded $20. The person staffing the counter, who happened to be the bakery owner’s 79-year-old mom, made them a counter-offer of two glazed doughnuts. They accepted.

The owner told the Mansfield News Journal that the aspiring robbers said to his mother, “We know you have $20.” Authorities don’t know whether they had a weapon or not, but they did accept the offer of baked goods and left the store.

The suspects are two young women who were driving a black pickup truck and carrying an umbrella. Police may know who they are, but haven’t made any arrests yet. The crime may or may not be related to a related incident last week where the mother’s purse was stolen out of her car while she worked in the shop.

Would-be bakery robbers get doughnuts, no money [Mansfield Journal]

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