Papa John’s Introduces Pulled Pork Pizzas For Some Reason

papa-johns-spicy-pulled-pork-pizzaSure, summer is a time for eating barbecue, but we’re not so sure that it should be a time for strange barbecue mashups in our chain pizzerias. Yet Papa John’s is taking what we can only assume is mediocre pulled pork and slathering it on their bland, salty pizza.

Well, that isn’t fair. I am not a particular fan of Papa John’s, but clearly a lot of people like or at least tolerate their pizza. Brand Eating reports that in addition to “Carolina-style” pulled pork, the pizza also features pepper jack (not pepper Jill) cheese and crushed red pepper.

The pulled pork pizza will be a limited-time offering, only in stores until August 24th.

News: Papa John’s – New Spicy Pulled Pork Pizza [Brand Eating]

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