United Flight Diverted After Drunk Passenger Breaks Plane’s Bathroom Door

Image courtesy of RickDrew

A United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing in Nashville on Monday night, after an apparently intoxicated passenger broke one of the plane’s bathroom doors and threw up in the sink.

The United Express flight was on its way from Cincinnati to Houston when the passenger’s alleged actions “caused extreme concern for passengers and the flight crew,” an affidavit reported by WKRN says.

The report says the plane’s captain decided to divert the plane to Nashville, where it made a safe landing and the unruly passenger was arrested. He was reportedly passed out in his seat by the time airport police got to him, but upon waking, police said his speech was slurred, his eyes were red and glassy, and he was unsteady on his feet.

The culprit? Probably the eight lemon drop shots the man told police he threw back before he boarded the plane, shots that had caused him to be sick once already.

He’s been charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Meanwhile, the plane continued on to Houston after a brief delay.

Plane makes emergency landing in Nashville after passenger shouts in Arabic, breaks door [WKRN]

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