Kroger Pharmacist Accused Of Taking Up-Skirt Photo By Squatting Next To Customer In Line

It’s an unfortunate reality in this mobile world we’re living in that people who shouldn’t be taking photos of say, the view up a person’s skirt, can now more easily do so with these handy devices we all have at the ready. That’s what has one Kroger store pharmacist in hot water in Georgia.

Police say a woman standing in the checkout line at a Kroger store noticed something disturbing, reports The Smoking Gun.

The woman told police she was “standing in the checkout line when she observed the suspect, [redacted], squatting next to her holding his cell phone in such a way as to photograph under her skirt.”

When she realized what was going on, she reportedly tried to grab his phone, setting off a brief scuffle. The suspect “fell backwards to the ground” as the woman and another shopper tried to snatch the phone back while he was “trying to delete the pictures.”

The two managed to get the phone away from him and turn it in to police. When police asked the man what he was doing on the ground, he claimed he was squatting to get a drink from the “soda refrigerator” and also send a text at the same time.

An officer asked for permission to look at the photos and videos on his phone, but the pharmacist “denied permission and stated he had other stuff on his phone that he did not want everybody to see,” investigators said.

According to police, three other shoppers said they’d seen the suspect taking pictures or a video “up the skirt of a woman.”

The pharmacist has been arrested for felony eavesdropping, and was placed on administrative leave by Kroger.

Kroger Worker Arrested For In-Store “Upskirt” [The Smoking Gun]

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