This Wizard Will Help You Write A Complaint Letter–No, Not That Kind Of Wizard

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Do you need to write a complaint letter, but don’t know where to begin? As long as you can type a few facts in a box, you can produce a simple, classy, and easy-to-read complaint letter that should get the job done.

On the federal government’s portal where you can find information on pretty much everything, you can find this handy five-step letter-writing wizard. It can even help you find the corporate headquarters of the company you’re contacting if you don’t have the address handy. Here’s the end result, with details taken from our much longer and fancier model letter that we published earlier this week:


Would you rather flesh out your own message? The site also has this handy model letter, which breaks down and labels the basic required elements of a complaint letter. There’s a version that you can copy and paste and customize for your own needs as well.


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