Police Seek Woman Who Stuffed $1,140 In Electronics Inside Her Skirt

criminalcrinolineA dress with a flowing full skirt is a great fashion choice for a hot day, so the woman who walked into a RadioShack in Florida dressed that way back in February didn’t really stand out. No one really noticed the full skirt of her floral dress…not even when she and her shopping companion began cramming electronics under the skirt, into some kind of criminal crinoline with pockets.

This was after RadioShack declared bankruptcy but before they closed more than half of their stores, but that’s still no excuse. You can watch the video over at the Sun-Sentinel web site: it auto-plays, so we won’t embed it here.

What is the woman stuffing inside her dress? Police say that she took fairly common RadioShack items off the shelves, which included remote-controlled toys, an electronic music kit, and automated appliances. They didn’t name the specific items, but it must have cleaned off a shelf: RadioShack employees only noticed that a theft had occurred when they saw the empty space on the shelf.

If you happen to know who this couple are, let Broward Crime Stoppers know: you can call in anonymous tips at 954-493-8477. If you happen to know how to make an under-the-skirt storage device like this, you should probably patent it.

Up-the-skirt shoplifter swipes electronics at Weston store [Sun-Sentinel]

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