Starbucks Employees Getting Really Tired Of Your Free Drink Record Attempts

71-dollar-starbucks-drinkWe track and post attempts to make the largest possible Starbucks beverage on a single free drink coupon because the “competition” amuses us, and because we report on unusual things that happen in commerce. These record attempts are really unusual because, the online chatter indicates, Starbucks recently reminded their “partners” that Frappuccinos are not to be served by the free vat.

Of course, we already knew that: Starbucks corporate has explained to us that policy forbids making hot drinks larger than 31 ounces (a Trenta in Starbucks-speak) and cold drinks larger than 24 ounces (a frozen Venti). Still, there’s always a gap between the policy and what actually happens in the real world, and these mega-beverages are in that metaphorical gap. (Not a literal gap, because a gallon of coffee doesn’t fit in a gap. I don’t know where this metaphor is going.)

Over on Reddit, there are reports from behind the counter that a memo went out in June reminding everyone that this sort of thing is not allowed. Leave your buckets at home, Gold members and birthday boys and girls. “A recent action item stated we were NOT to fulfill these requests, and all beverages are limited to the size cups that we serve. We are not required to serve Frappuccinos in cups bigger than 26 oz,” one partner explained.

Starbucks partners, do you secretly long to make one of these mega-beverages, or do you secretly want to punch anyone who suggests or publicizes such a thing in the face? Our tipline is confidential and always open. As long as you don’t want to punch us.

Anyone Else Tired Of This Yet? [Reddit]

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