Father Of 3 Films Himself In Hot Car On 90-Degree Day To Show How Dangerous It Is

This summer has been marked with too many tragic deaths already after parents have left their children in hot, locked cars. We’ll say it over and over that it’s extremely dangerous, and you should never leave your children or any living thing in the car for even the briefest time. But one father of three went the extra step to show exactly how awful it feels by filming himself sitting in a locked car on a 90-degree day.

In a clip that’s been viewed over a million times since it was posted a few weeks ago, the Raleigh, N.C. dad explains what’s pretty obvious, as sweat runs down his face.

“As you can see, I’m sweating like I can barely breathe out here and my system is stronger than these little kids’ systems,” he says in the 90-second clip. “This is sad, man.”

He goes on to bemoan recent news events where children have died after being stuck in locked vehicles, whether their parents claimed to have simply forgotten them or in certain cases, as officials allege, may have left them there on purpose.

He tells the New York Daily News he managed to last only 20 minutes in the car before he had to free himself.

“It was hot outside, and as soon as I stepped into the hot air, even though it was hot, I loved it,” he says of his stay. “It was almost like someone was in the car choking me and I couldn’t breathe.”

Of course, it isn’t smart to sit inside a hot car yourself, adult or not. So don’t try this at home, please.

SEE IT: Terry Bartley, N.C. father of 3, films himself baking in hot car to show dangers [New York Daily News]

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