While Owner Shops At Walmart For 13 Hours, Dog Dies In Her Hot Car

Yet another reminder why you should never, ever leave your pet (or child) inside the car, even with the window cracked, during the hot summer months occurred this weekend in Florida.

A 49-year-old woman was arrested after police officials say her dog died inside a hot car while she shopped at a local Walmart, Fox8 WGHP reports.

The woman was reportedly “browsing” inside the Walmart store for 13 hours (13 hours?!) and forgot the dog was inside her car.

Sadly, the dog had already died when another Walmart shopper found him. Police report there was no food or water left the animal. A window was partially cracked, but that did little to provide relief for the rising temperatures inside the vehicle.

Officials say the dog’s cause of death was heat exhaustion. The woman was charged with one count of misdemeanor cruelty toward animals.

We have no idea what could prompt someone to shop inside a Walmart for 13 hours, but let this tragic story be a reminder to not leave your animals in hot cars even for a few minutes this summer.

Dog dies in hot car while woman shops at Walmart for 13 hours [Fox8 WGHP]

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  1. CzarChasm says:

    I know it was said already, but 13 hours? In Walmart? I’d rather be locked in a hot car with… Oh, wait, never mind.

  2. charmander says:

    That can’t be right. 13 hours? So, she got to the store around lets say, 8am, and she finally left the store at 9pm……I don’t buy it.

    Poor dog.

  3. Liberal says:

    She could have been escaping the heat for those 13 hours. That TV station covers a county where it is almost a daily occurrence for the EMS to pull children out of cars. A pair of EMS told me that this weekend. It’s hard to imagine that there are that many stupid people, who knew?