Cops: Guy Punched Woman In The Face For The Crime Of Blocking Whataburger’s Drive-Thru Line

If there’s one thing we know here at Consumerist it’s that not only is violence against your fellow man and consumer never the answer, but it’s also a lose-lose situation. For example, a man who so badly wanted to get his car into the drive-thru line at a Texas Whataburger, that cops say he punched a woman who got in his way right in her face. And does he have any Whataburger food after that? Nope. No one wins.

Police in Corpus Christi, Texas are trying to calm ruffled feathers in town after a series of incidents with consumers behaving badly: Earlier this week a woman was punched in a restaurant parking lot in a driving dispute, and now cops say a 57-year-old man punched a woman whose parked car was apparently blocking him from getting into the drive-thru line, reports

Cops say she was taken to the hospital with injuries to her face and head, while he was arrested and is facing charges of aggravated assault.

This happened just months after a man was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced to two years in prison for punching a man in a Whataburger parking lot last year. That man fell, hit his head, and later died.

So if you’re feeling the rage coming on while waiting for that fast food, cops urge you to just take a second and step back from the situation, before engaging with anyone who might be ready for a fight.

“The best situation is to move on,” a Corpus Christi police officer advises. “Get yourself out of that situation, call the police, (and) let us go over there…Get a good description of the (suspect) and let us contact him. Don’t put yourself in the situation where you’re out of the vehicle confronting him.”

CCPD Warns Public to Keep Cool in Midst of Road Rage Disputes [KrisTV]

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