Teen’s Driving Lesson Goes A Bit Awry When She Crashes Into Brick Wall At Popeyes

The very first thing most of us learned about driving a car? You don’t want to hit anything. That lesson played out in an unfortunate way for one Ohio teenager whose practice driving session wound up with her car going through the brick wall of a Popeyes Louisiana Restaurant drive-thru.

Police say the teen was with her mother when she lost control of the car and slammed into the restaurant, reports WLWT.com (warning: video autoplays).

“It looks like the whole right front tire is in my building,” the 911 caller said. “”It’s totally through the wall, that’s for sure.”

No Popeyes customers will suffer a minute without access to their food, however, as a building engineer said the restaurant is structurally safe.

As for the details surrounding the accident, police says she was driving without a license or even a learner’s permit, and reportedly was “stunned” when she saw another car and hit the gas.

Cops say it’s best to get some experience in before you just take a whirl at driving, especially in busy locations like this one.

“At the minimum, have them get a learner’s permit and get the basics, and I would not pick rush hour to teach someone to drive a vehicle that does not have any experience at all,” a police sergeant said.

No one was seriously injured, but a Popeyes employee was taken to the hospital for minor injuries and the teen’s mother suffered an ankle injury. She and her daughter are possibly facing charges connected with driving without a license.

Teen’s driving lesson ends with mother, daughter crashing into Popeyes [WLWT.com]

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