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Popeyes Job Applicant Gets Hired After Helping To Stop A Robbery

What’s more effective than telling your prospective employer that you’re a real team player, and will be an asset to the business? Stopping a robbery during your job interview is one sure way to demonstrate your worth, perhaps, like one brand new hire at a New Orleans Popeyes restaurant. [More]

(KHOU 11)

Popeyes Offers To Re-Hire Manager Fired After Armed Robbery

A former Popeyes manager who claims she was fired after refusing to repay the restaurant back after an armed robber stole $400 from the cash registers has been offered her job back. The owners of the location said in a statement that they “deeply regret the way this matter was handled.” [More]


Teen’s Driving Lesson Goes A Bit Awry When She Crashes Into Brick Wall At Popeyes

The very first thing most of us learned about driving a car? You don’t want to hit anything. That lesson played out in an unfortunate way for one Ohio teenager whose practice driving session wound up with her car going through the brick wall of a Popeyes Louisiana Restaurant drive-thru. [More]