Popeyes Job Applicant Gets Hired After Helping To Stop A Robbery

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

What’s more effective than telling your prospective employer that you’re a real team player, and will be an asset to the business? Stopping a robbery during your job interview is one sure way to demonstrate your worth, perhaps, like one brand new hire at a New Orleans Popeyes restaurant.

A manager at the restaurant was interviewing an 18-year-old prospective hire when a thief reached over the counter and into the cash register to grab money on Saturday, The Associated Press reports.

The robber asked the cashier for change for a dollar, and then simply decided to help himself to the change drawer.

Though an assistant manager was able to grab the man’s arm, police say he broke away and headed for the door.

The manager blocked him from escaping, saying they hadn’t made much money and she wasn’t about to let him take what they’d made.

“My upper-body strength was stronger than his,” she said.

The applicant stepped in to help, saying he got up and bent the man’s arm back to keep him from escaping.

He and the restaurant’s cook held the suspect until police arrived and arrested him.

The manager said she and her assistant manager had already decided to hire the prospective employee, but they weren’t able to tell him until after the robbery was thwarted.

“You’re hired. You earned it,” she told him.

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