Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have Your Router From 2003

raidersThere is nothing wrong with this Linksys wireless router, exactly. It was a best-seller, and there are many of them still in use. It was the first of a very popular product series. Unlike some unplayable online games featured in our Raiders of the Lost Walmart series, you can even use it for its intended purpose. It’s just… really old.

How old? Well, the installation requirements include Windows XP or Vista. Hey, at least you get some security software for that no-longer-supported operating system.


The product was released in 2002, and the Cisco co-branding on the box means that this router can’t be any older than 2003, when Cisco acquired Linksys.

Sometimes a gadget that’s older provides more possibilities: early versions of this router can provide fun for some people in the form of open-source firmware. For the rest of us, though, we can point and say, “Hey, I kind of remember that router from my old apartment in 2005!”

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