Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have Your Router From 2003

Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Have Your Router From 2003

There is nothing wrong with this Linksys wireless router, exactly. It was a best-seller, and there are many of them still in use. It was the first of a very popular product series. Unlike some unplayable online games featured in our Raiders of the Lost Walmart series, you can even use it for its intended purpose. It’s just… really old. [More]


Mike Doughty Writes A 10th Birthday Song For iTunes Music Store

Happy birthday, iTunes Store! The music-buying platform, which later expanded to sell videos, mobile applications, and books, opened on April 28, 2003. Yahoo commissioned folk singer-songwriter Mike Doughty to write the service a little birthday song, which describes the key iTunes experience of downloading entire discographies in the wee hours of the morning while drunk. The song is not available via iTunes. [Yahoo Music] (Thanks, Angelos!) [More]