Taco Bell Goes Smaller For A Change, Testing Crunchwrap Sliders

In recent years, Taco Bell has had a tendency to go large with many of its menu items, slapping XXL on its burritos and nachos, and selling “Big Box” combo meals along with 12 packs of tacos. But it looks like the fast food chain is now testing Shrink-Rayed “slider” versions of its Crunchwrap thing.

Foodbeast reports that Taco Bell has been testing the smaller Crunchwraps — which are smaller and replace the larger version’s hard taco shell with bits of Fritos corn chips — for about a month in Ohio.

As Foodbeast points out, at $1 each, you can get three of these sliders for less than the $3.29 price of a full-size Crunchwrap.

Perhaps the Bell will start going micro with XXS burritos that are the size of pigs in a blanket, or XXS nachos, which would be a single nacho with a couple shreds of cheese and a smudge of guacamole.

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