Of All The Things To Steal From Subway Restaurant, Customer Walks Off With Toilet

Your local Subway sandwich shop has all sorts of things one could (but shouldn’t) steal — like cash registers, food items, and kitchen supplies. But one Seattle-area man overlooked all of those common-sense possibilities and decided he’d be different; he’d steal the toilet.

SeattlePI.com reports that the man and his family walked into the Subway on Sunday night. The man then entered the bathroom alone and proceeded to take his good old time.

Even his wife was apparently concerned, knocking on the bathroom door and inquiring about his extended stay in the loo.

The family got their food and left without the man, who remained behind in the bathroom, only to eventually exit in a hurry, carrying a plastic garbage bag.

That’s when the employees noticed that the man had made off with a toilet tank valued at $550.

The Toilet Taker — Yet another Bad Consumer to add to our rogues gallery.

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