High School Senior Auctions Himself On eBay To Acquire College Baseball Scholarship

baseballThere are thousands of scholarships available to prospective college students each year. But there are only so many Division 1 athletic scholarships to go around and snagging one of those could be considered an incredible feat.

While we can’t condone selling yourself on eBay, one Los Angeles-area high school senior did just that in an attempt to attract the attention of baseball recruiters and acquire a scholarship, KTLA reports.

When Austin, who has strong credentials on the diamond including being named All League Ventura County, All Marmonte League and Offensive Play of the Year in 2013, had a difficult time catching the eye of college baseball recruiters, he did the next logical thing – he auctioned himself on eBay.

In the post, titled “Baseball Outfielder – High School Senior Looking for D1 College Scholarship”, Austin describes himself as “new without tags” with a “natural athleticism” and being “passionate about the game and playing at the next level.”

The teen admits that his posting was a bit unconventional but it did attract some attention. Austin garnered eight bids in his attempt to acquire a scholarship. While it’s unclear if any baseball coaches showed interest in the senior, someone did make a winning bid of $22.50 for him.

Local Athlete Lists Himself on eBay to Get College Scholarship [KTLA]

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