What Does A Bitcoin Smell Like? Who Knows, But Now Bitcologne Exists

It’s a new rule for a new age: With every hot new thing introduced into the public consciousness, there’s bound to be a slew of loosely-but-not-really-related products trying to ride its wave of popularity. To wit: Bitcoin, that mysterious cryptocurrency that makes many people go “Huh, what’s that?” now has a cologne named for it – Bitcologne, of course, “made for peer-to-peer interaction.” Raaarr?

I could understand wanting to give off whiff of freshly-minted, warm, crisp dollar bills (just one sniff and strangers will think I’m a millionaire!) or something like pizza (mmm, cheese on the breeze alll day) but what does a Bitcoin smell like, if it has no physical presence in this earthly realm we call home?

Shrug. I don’t know, and the Daily Dot doesn’t either. But the maker of the “first” cryptocurrency-themed scent — and probably the only/last? — seems to just be making it up as it goes along, boasting “an aromatic blend of spicy, floral, oak and citrus notes your ‘partner’ may find it hard to resist initiating a more ‛private transaction.’ ”

Those hoping to douse themselves in the scent of Bitcoin don’t have to be in possession of any actual Bitcoins — the company accepts the usual forms of payment as well. Whew, because someone is bound to be fresh out of copper penny shampoo and just looking for a change.

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