McDonald’s CEO Not Worried About Breakfast Competition From “Sandwich” Or “Taco Shops”

You know what they say about if the breakfast kitchen is too hot you should get out, something like that? Well, McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson sounds like he’s not even breaking a sweat when it comes to any competition from Taco Bell or Subway breakfast offerings.

Yesterday during a conference call about earnings, Thompson told reporters the company hasn’t seen any impact from the “most recent competitor” in the breakfast space, reports the Associated Press.

So he didn’t exactly say, “I’m not afraid of a waffle taco.” But he did go on to add that the company seems to have a new rival for breakfast food every year, whether they’re “sandwich shops or taco shops.”

He went on to explain the Mickey D’s difference — whereas Taco Bell uses frozen eggs that are thawed and cooked for its morning menu, McDonald’s uses real eggs. Well, most of the time — in some cases, stores do use frozen ingredients.

“We crack fresh eggs, we grill sausage and bacon, we bake biscuits and we toast muffins,” Thompson said, saying later that the point is that the fresh eggs are cooked in McDonald’s restaurants, saying, “It isn’t a microwave deal.”

When Taco Bell’s chief marketing officer Chris Brandt was told of Thompson’s comments, he simply replied, “Well, good for them.”

The burns and the zings! It’s just too much to keep track of. All over what you eat first in the morning.

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