It’s Baaaaaaack: KFC Is Resurrecting The Double Down

Remember me? Of course you do.

Remember me? Of course you do.

It’s been a long four years since we first met the KFC Double Down. And while many fast food frankensandwiches have since sought to bottle that starshine and bring it to their own offerings, nothing we’ve seen since has captured the country’s interest quite like that bacon and cheese sandwich with fried chicken “buns.” And now it’s reportedly coming back to delight/disgust the nation yet again.

Its reign will be brief this time as well, with the sandwich returning to KFCs nationwide on April 21 and exiting again on May 25, ostensibly for another four-year cicada-like slumber underneath our feet, or wherever it is sandwiches hibernate.

USA Today was the first to report the sandwich’s return this morning, saying the company announced the news this morning.

A KFC spokesman confirmed the news to the Huffington Post, saying the 540-calorie offering will be back on the menu for another brief stint. Unless, of course, people clamor for it to stay.

“At this point, we’re thinking about this as a limited-time only kind of product,” the spokesman said. “We’ll have to see what America thinks.”

You guys are American, right? Let’s see what you think now:

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