Train Jumps Tracks And Climbs Escalator At Chicago O’Hare Airport, Injuring Dozens

This is what the station normally look like, without a train on the escalator. (bclinesmith)

This is what the station normally look like, without a train on the escalator. (bclinesmith)

A convenient feature of Chicago’s O’Hare airport for many travelers is the Blue Line train that runs directly to the airport, providing an easy way to get to your flight without too much hassle. But there was plenty of hassle involved yesterday when one of those trains jumped a barrier at the end of the tracks and went up the escalator that leads to the terminals, injuring dozens.

The eight-car train crashed through the barrier at the end of the tracks early this morning at around 2:50 a.m. as it was pulling into O’Hare. It even made its way up the escalator somewhat, injuring at least 32 people, says Chicago’s Transit Authority. No injuries are thought to be life-threatening, adds USA Today.

“The train actually climbed over the last stop, jumped up on the sidewalk and then went up the stairs and escalator,” said Chicago Fire Commissioner Jose Santiago.

A CTA spokesman said the agency is trying to figure out how, exactly, the train jumped the tracks, but it could be a matter of too much speed. The Blue Line has been suspended between O’Hare and Rosemont this morning, so if you’re heading to the airport, you’ll need to figure out alternate transportation.

“We will be looking at everything — equipment, signals, the human factor,” he said.

As someone who’s spent some time traveling in and out of Chicago, I can attest to wanting the train to speed up a bit, or deliver me directly to my gate. I just never thought it would actually attempt such a feat.

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