Chicago Officials: TSA Wait Times Have Dropped To Less Than 10 Minutes At City’s Airports

Image courtesy of frankieleon

After weeks of excessively long lines at Transportation Security Administration checkpoints plagued travelers going through Chicago’s airports, the city’s officials says wait times are down to less than 10 minutes.

While everyone hates unending lines at the airport, Chicago’s had it pretty bad recently, including a backup at O’Hare International Airport that was so bad, 450 American Airlines passengers were stuck overnight.

Things are looking up at the start of the Memorial Day weekend though, as officials in the Windy City say aver security wait times at O’Hare have dropped to eight minutes, and to nine minutes at Midway, the Chicago Tribune reports.

This isn’t some kind of ancient travel god magic, of course, as TSA has been yelled at by pretty much everyone recently for the heinous wait times at airports all around the country. To alleviate the excessive issues at Chicago airports, the agency recently sent additional screening staff to the city’s airports , and is expected to send additional staff next month.

Delays started to ease earlier this week, when officials reported that wait times had been trimmed down to 15 minutes.

Let’s keep this going guys — let’s aim for NO waiting at all. Now that would be some ancient travel god magic.

After shake-up, TSA wait times in Chicago drop to less than 10 minutes: city [Chicago Tribune]

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