Shuttle America Flight Diverted After Passenger Allegedly Became Violent Toward Flight Attendants, Others

We get it, sometimes you want to shove your seatmate’s elbow off the armrest, or maybe wish evil upon the person taking up all the overhead space. But cooler heads should prevail, lest you find your flight making an unscheduled stop. A Shuttle America flight yesterday had to be diverted after a passenger allegedly attacked a flight attendant and her fellow travelers.

The flight was operating as United Express, heading from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Chicago’s O’Hare International airport with 69 passengers and four crew members, reports CBS Chicago, when a female passenger allegedly attacked a flight attendant and threatened other travelers.

Four passengers helped restrain her, using belts and seat belt extenders to keep her in her seat until the plane landed in Detroit. Police then removed her from the plane.

“She went to hit [another passenger] more towards the face, and she started kicking me, so I grabbed her legs, he grabbed her arms,” one of the men who wrangled the suspect told CBS Chicago, adding that another man “came flying over and jumped in the middle of it. He grabbed her legs, and then another gentleman got involved” while he grabbed items to tie her with.

On video recorded by some passengers, the passenger can be heard swearing and cursing at the men as they hold her down. Witnesses say it’s unclear what set her off, but he and others didn’t want to take any chances.

The flight continued onto O’Hare without further incident. It’s not immediately clear if the passenger was charged.

Chicago-Bound Flight Diverted After Passenger Attacks Flight Attendant [CBS Chicago]

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