KFC Australia Puts Tortilla Chips On Sandwich, Popcorn Chicken On Nachos

Over at KFC Australia, they seem to be a little confused about how nachos work. Not that Americans have any special claim to snack food logic, but at least our fast food outlets haven’t done anything completely wacky like throwing popcorn chicken on nachos, or tortilla chips on a sandwich.

I mean, what is this nonsense?


More importantly, why is the cheese not melted? Sigh, it’s like they’re barely even nachos.


The good news is that the Nacho Burger, which has tortilla chips as a topping, defies the laws of gravity.


Meanwhile, over in Hong Kong, McDonald’s is experimenting with unprecedented levels of spiciness with their “McPepper” and “Mega McPepper” sandwiches, and chili-coated McWings.

Around the World: KFC Australia Threw Some Popcorn Chicken on Nachos and Called It a Day [Brand Eating]

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