Arizona Diamondbacks Selling $25 Corndog Stuffed With Cheese, Bacon, Dreams

What $25 worth of corn dog looks like. (Arizona Diamondbacks)

What $25 worth of corn dog looks like. (Arizona Diamondbacks)

Long gone are the simple hot dogs, soft pretzels and other stadium fare — now if you want to drown your sorrows in food when your team isn’t doing so well, sporting venues across the country have upped their culinary game. Enter the new $25 D-Bat Dog: An 18-inch corn dog stuffed with cheddar cheese, jalapenos and bacon, on the menu at the Arizona Diamondback’s Chase Field this season.

That $25 also includes a nice little bed of French fries, you know, in case you’re still hungry after all that other stuff, reports

“This is really about providing our fans with new options each year, and in the case of some of our larger items, it’s really about sharing with the family,” team president and CEO Derrick Hall said. “We don’t have any expectations for the D-Bat, but we’ll look forward to seeing if it becomes popular with our fans.”

We can only hope this trend toward fancy hot dogs continues into the kind of all-out corn dog design war that’s currently running rampant in competitive Bloody Mary brunch circles. Because everyone knows that once someone pushes the limits, someone else inevitably comes along to create something even more ridiculous.

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