ProFlowers Reaches Out Before I Complain About Missed Valentine’s Day Delivery

Image courtesy of jenzwick

We’ve criticized ProFlowers a lot over the years, even dedicating an entire post to the company’s screwups last Valentine’s Day and inflicting the classic Margaret Saga on the world. It’s only fair that we give the company credit when they do well, though, and this year they captured at least one customer’s heart by apologizing before customers spent an hour on hold or tweeted the company.

How novel. Reader Michael placed a ProFlowers order and it was delayed due to weather. Everyone expected that, but Michael didn’t expect to receive an apology letter before he even complained. He (and every other V-Day customer, we imagine) received this e-mail:

ProFlowers, without any prodding, sent me the following email:

The winter blizzard resulted in missed Valentine’s Day deliveries, and for that, we are deeply sorry. The severe weather disrupted our entire shipping network, affecting orders nationwide, and our delivery partners have not been able to deliver your Valentine’s Day order.

Your order is still in transit and will arrive late. It will likely not be of the quality that you have come to expect from us, due to freezing or damage as a result of the transit delay.

As we strive to address this and deliver the best possible experience, we are offering you some options. Please click the link here to select the replacement date for your order*, AND a $20 gift code towards a future purchase, as our way of saying thank you for your patience. Or, click the link and we can process a full refund for any item not received.

We appreciate your patience and understanding and regret that the recent weather conditions kept us from delivering a timely “Wow” experience. You are our #1 priority, and taking care of you is of the utmost importance.

* A replacement equal to or better than your original order will be delivered and the gift code will be issued no later than Feb. 28. Your replacement order will be sent to the same recipient at the same address and the same card message as provided on your original order. It will be fulfilled with the same product, or better, if that product is no longer available.

Bonus pre-emptive replacement flowers and a $20 discount code to send more flowers at a less blizzard-prone time. Fab!

For some necessary balance, though, here’s one baffled customer who received dead flowers and a personalized gift with another couple’s names on it.

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